Food Security & Agriculture

In Africa as much as 60 percent of the labor force is employed in agriculture, but agriculture only accounts for 25 percent of the continent’s GDP, according to the African Economic Outlook Report 2013.

With this in mind, Africa remains the continent with the largest food deficit in the world, as one-third of its people suffer from malnutrition. In addition to malnutrition, food insecurity leads to environmental degradation, poverty, and a wide range of health problems. That is why Bread and Scion Trust emphasizes our agricultural programs so strongly: many facets of life in rural Africa will improve as more people achieve food security.

With this in mind, we know all too well that long-term food security is a battle that can only be won when villagers develop and sustain their own food supply. With your help our local partners will be able to educate farmers about modern agriculture practices while providing more adequate supplies and equipment, so that farmers can provide food for their families and communities and sell surplus crops to generate a steady income.

This program also supports:

  • Veterinary and field support services
  • Promoting livestock ownership programs
  • Agricultural tools
  • Financing capital
  • Farm inputs and tools
  • Value addition programs
  • Market chain linkages
  • Water and Soil conservation
  • Other programs promoting organic farming, Composting – soil fertility restoration technologies